Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs
Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs-For sale
Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs - Better Tackle
Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs-For sale
Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs-For sale

Glow in the Dark Flasher Rigs-For sale

Better Tackle
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Nothing beats Better 

3/0 Glow in the Dark flasher rigs back in stock

We have been out of stock for a while as we imported some amazing flasher for our new glow in the dark range.

These will be coming at you in January. 

Photos incoming soon.

We are going to get some better photos of the gear on offer but as we are just a hobby business resources and time is limited.

The vid below shows the 3/0 5/0 and 7/0 so you can see what they look like.



Our new range of Glow in the Dark Rapid Release Flasher Rigs will have you smashing those target species in no time.

3/0 in 30lb

5/0 in 50lb

7/0 in 80lb

These paternoster Glow in the Dark Rapid Release Flasher Rigs are perfectly engineered and designed fish just love them.

Better Tackle skillfully makes by hand some of the strongest fishing gear you will ever buy or use.

Now with a 120 cm sinker tail to allow for deeper rubble drops.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Don't forget we are one of the only tackle manufactures in the world that uses Eco-friendly packaging for our gear.  Plus our Rapid Release Rigs which are the circular winding boards allow you to rig up quickly when fish are on the chew.  We were the first to implement these Rapid Release winding boards that now so many tackle stores are copying.

Our hook quality is well known and our flasher designs not only mimic baitfish but our lumo bead placement mimics eyeshine.
Our new  Glow in the Dark 3rd colouring entices even the shyest of prey for deeper drops, at night, or when there is less light penetration in the water.

Perfect for all fisho's who value their time but still want exceptional quality rigs they can trust for every fishing adventure.
  Best used with bait, our rigs attract the fish to your hook giving it contrast, shape, and luminescent eyes to attract them to our rigs and onto your boat.

What makes our Flasher Rigs unique?


  1. Great for the boat, off the rocks, or even off the jetty.
  2. The Jerky movement of the flasher is proven to attract more fish than bait alone.
  3. The colour contrast is proven to attract more fish.
  4. The knots and tracers are reliable, strong, and durable.
  5. The unique design lumo eyes that are are strong enough to attract fish to your hooks but not too strong to spook the fish.
  6. The Glow in the Dark Flasher works perfectly in deeper drops or at night.
  7. Eco-Friendly packaging 

     Whether you are beach fishing, rock fishing, dock fishing or boat fishing these hand made rigs have got you covered.

     (Only $9 postage and handling)
    Grab them today and start catching more fish tomorrow.
    For out of Australia purchases contact me via  Facebook  or use the contact us page
     Close up of our Bush Dancer Flasher Hooks
    Our Flasher rigs in action
    Want the whole story? Find out more here.