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Rapid Release Flasher Rigs 9/0 80lb- for sale

Rapid Release Flasher Rigs 9/0 80lb- for sale

Better Tackle
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 Rapid Release Flasher Hooks 9/0 80lb.

Tough, durable and lollipops for most saltwater species.

Our Flasher rigs are not just designed to catch fish but also to last.

The way we tie our gear on does not keep the best shape for our 2-tone colors but our lumo-bead eyes make our flashers look like baitfish and are irresistible to even the pickiest of saltwater fish.

2 x 9/0 High-Quality Sea circle hooks ( high carbon steel and chemically sharpened) on a 120-pound swivel on 80lb Berkley Big Game Mono.

This amazing high conversion rate 9/0 can take on a megalodon and still keep catching.

There is only one standard when it comes to pre-made gear and that is perfection. We wanted it, we were forced to make it. You will never find a better-made rig then our gear.


The wire we use is not just shiny which doubles down as an attractant it is also designed so when you do hook up a monster like this one below, you can quickly grab your pliers give it a squeeze and cast it straight back out in time to hook up again.

They come in so fast and thick it is hard enough to find the time to chuck them on ice when you are using our gear.



Just like our 5/0 and 7/0 range, these are made to perfection with strong durable knots that make you keep the fish you hook.

We make them Better and all our customers agree.

With reviews like "Better Tackle makes the best gear in the business" and "hands down the best gear, I have ever used" our name is slowly spreading.

We do not talk up our gear as we know what we have designed.

Word of mouth is how we grow and we can hardly keep up with demand.

Do not miss out as when they are out of stock it takes us a while to hand-craft another batch.


We are fishing rig specialists. 

Our hand made Flasher rigs are made Better and perform Better. 

Get them now and get your next PB to your brag mat.

Fairy Floss Photo will be on soon. Wearing too many hats and need to update the online store. 

The video below is the 9/0 Cherry Bomb 80lb pushed to its limits on our rig strength testing machine.


Our unique flasher hooks are designed to mimic baitfish and with our lumo bead eyes strategically placed to imitate eyes shine you making them irresistible to fish.

Click this link if you are unsure what colours you should use.


  Shipping is only $8.00 Australia wide with free shipping options.

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