Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs or pre-made fishing rigs
Flasher Rig or pre-made fishing paternoster rig
Rapid Release Flasher Rigs 5/0 Recurve Circle hooks 50lb - Better Tackle
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.
Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.

Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.

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 Flasher Rigs 5/0 Circle hooks 50lb.

We design and craft exceptional Snapper Rigs.

What are our 5/0 Circle hooks in the 50lb Rapid Release Flasher rigs made from?

Our Rapid Release Flasher rigs are perfectly designed featuring  2 x 5/0  recurve circle hooks with an 80-pound swivel on 50lb Berkley Big Game Mono.

We make exceptional rigs for you to use with our Rapid Release Winding boards so not only can you quickly rig up when fish are on the chomp you can relax knowing you have knots and leader you can trust.

Our Rapid Release winding boards are so good that many of our competitors are now copying our packaging ideas. But the winding board is not what makes our tackle better.

Every single one of our Flasher Hooks is designed to be repaired on the quick using your pliers. We are not a one-hit and forget rig.

Our hook quality is well known and our flasher designs not only mimic baitfish but our lumo bead placement mimics eyeshine.


Perfect for amateurs or pro fisherman who value their time but still want exceptional quality rigs they can trust for every fishing adventure.

Our unique rigs are so well made you can use them for an entire arm pumping session and still roll them back up for your next outing.

The way that we tie on our flasher assures your rig will keep its shape fish after fish as well as being shinny which attacks more fish to your hook then using coloured marine-grade tying material. 

Knowing that every angler has a pair of pliers on hand you can quickly squeeze the flasher wire back into shape if you accidentally damage it while pulling it out of your catch. 

This gives you a strong durable flasher rig that not only works but is value for money. Everyone raves about our gear, not just because of how much their catch rate increases but just how tough and durable our fishing tackle is.



What is great about snapper rigs and flasher rigs?

 Best used with bait, our rigs attract the fish to your hook giving it contrast, shape and luminescent eyes to attract them to our rigs and onto your boat.

These are just some of the great points that make our flasher rigs so exceptional. 

  • Great for the boat, off the rocks or even off the jetty.
  • The Jerky movement of the flasher is proven to attract more fish than bait alone.
  • The colour contrast is proven to attract more fish.
  • The knots and tracer are reliable, strong and durable.
  • The unique design lumo eyes that are are strong enough to attract fish to your hooks but not too strong to spook the fish.

Better Bomber Flasha

Above is our newest addition to our flasher range. Originally it was for estuary fishing but it has been doing well in all saltwater conditions. People have been smashing everything from barra to flatheads to trout on these Better Bombers.

Get the Better Bomber now only from us. 


Our packaging is Eco-Friendly 

That is right we are the only fishing tackle manufacturer that we know of that uses Eco-friendly packaging for all our gear. This was a personal choice as we care about our oceans and our environment. 

 Whether you are beach fishing, rock fishing, dock fishing, or boat fishing these handmade rigs have got you covered.
You will not find a better-made rig at a better price than our gear from Better Tackle

Grab them today and start catching more fish tomorrow.


 Shipping is only $9.00 Australia-wide with free shipping options.

For out of Australia purchases contact me via  Facebook  or use the contact us page

Our Flasher rigs in action

Want the whole story? Find out more here.

The Making of Better Tackles Rapid Release Flasher Rigs 

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