8 Pack Flasher Hooks
8 Pack Flasher Hooks
Flasher Rig Irish Eyes Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Bush Dancer Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Fairy Floss Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Cherry Bomb Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Aussie Bomber Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Trout Assassin Better Tackle
Flasher Rig Blue Sunrise Better Tackle
8 Pack Flasher Hooks

8 Pack Flasher Hooks

Better Tackle
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We were originally going to call ourselves Lazy Man Lures.

As this is basically what flasher hooks are. 

The best of both worlds. The color and movement added with the smell of bait increase your hookups incredibly.

Matching the hatch that your target species is feeding on will increase your chances of hookups just like lures.

These are the best deal going around to work out what works best for your target species, the depth you are fishing in and conditions are cloudy, sunny, dirty water or clear.

Flasher-rig 8 pack

(photo from a customer)

Our unique flasher hooks are designed to mimic baitfish and with our lumo bead eyes strategically placed to imitate eyes shine so you know that fish love them.

Our Better Favorite packs, in both 5/0 and 7/0 recurve circle hook, give you 8 different color selections for you to use on your next adventure.

The same great quality you have come to expect from us and the same great value.

Click this link if you are unsure what colours you should use.

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 What is in the favorites pack?

Close up of our flasher hooks 

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