Fishing Videos from Sponsored Fishos


Fishos sponsored by Better Tackle

Fishing videos from our very own sponsored Fishos.

We do not believe in cash for comment and that is why each and every single one of these Fishos are featured here. 

Passion is all that matters.
People that use and love our gear and show you not just what Better Tackle can do but also what they can do with it.
From hints and tips on how to fish, where to find fish and how to go about setting up your gear for fishing.

These Fishos will have you covered.

And who doesn't like a bit of fish porn when you are stuck on dry land?

Nothing Fancy Fishing

Make sure you Subscribe to Nothing Fancy Fishing (link here) as he and his crew take you not just across CQ but share hints and useful tips along the way.  A late comer into the world of fishing. Nothing Fancy Fishing is just that.

Self taught and learning everything from scratch as no one was keen on giving him tips Jesse wants to help share those tips that were hard won to you. The basics and beyond plus some great fish porn footage, what more could you really want in a Fishing Channel?.



Want to see what you can get around the Rockhampton and outer reefs?
Rocky to Choppy (link here) has been showing off his favorite hunting grounds on YouTube for awhile now.  Catching fish is not just a passion it is his lifestyle choice. Sharing moments with his dad and friends fishing the CQ region is well worth a look and a follow.

Fishing Frenzy

Seen on our front page and picked up by the VFA this video from Fishing Frenzy (link here) blew us away. His first time using our gear Michael was hooked by the Better Tackle bug and came on as our very first Sponsored fisho.
Unfortunately being in Victoria during the lockdowns Fishing Frenzy has not had much of a chance to wet a line over the snapper season this year but he will be back out there soon as he can.
Michael does not just share his passion of fishing with the world, he also shares his knowledge and experience and is just a genuine Aussie fisho that we can all relate to.

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You have seen what our gear can do. 

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