Australian Tackle Trader Review

Here at Better Tackle we love Australian Businesses.

We also love a bloody good bargain and if you could sell or buy on a site that is totally free, is an Australian innovation and sells and trades in the one thing we all love then why not give it a go.

Australian Tackle Trader focuses itself on one thing. All things fishing related

New and used tackle, rods, reels, boats and anything else fishing related is all under one simple page.

Why should you choose Australian Tackle Trader over other more successful foreign owned sites?

To answer that I’ll let Australian Tackle Trader answer this in their own words from the FAQ section.



Have you ever heard the saying “If you want to catch fish, fish where the fish are”?

Australian Tackle Trader is dedicated to fishing tackle and fishing related equipment ONLY. We don’t list furniture, car parts, garden tools, baby strollers or any item that’s not directly related to fishing. When buyers visit this site they are highly likely to be looking at buying fishing tackle. We get your ads in front of those buyers.


Every ad listed on Australian Tackle Trader is automatically shared with a growing community of followers on our dedicated Facebook Page. Facebook marketing is currently one of the world’s most successful marketing strategies for reaching a specific target market; in our case, people interested in fishing.


We’re not interested in becoming another eBay or Amazon (as much as we’d all love the income). We know how frustrating it can be, spending hours of your precious time searching online for good gear at realistic prices. We know the frustration of doing the research, finding a good deal, performing the currency conversion, signing up for an account and then after all that, discovering that the shipping is almost as much as the cost of the item! We built this business to provide fellow Australians with a much simpler solution.


How simple of an explanation is that.

Easy and convenient and totally free of charge. Focusing purely on fishing and brought to you by people that also share our passion for fishing.


Never sold online before the team from Australian Tackle Traders have you covered with a simple how to step by step guide you can follow here…

With unique features like


  • Strategic Targeted Marketing
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimization
  • Highly Competitive Pricing Strategy
  • Simple Elegant & Easy to Use Advertising Platform
  • NO Cheesy Advertising or Spammy Links



It is no wonder more and more people are starting to use or have been using this unique Aussie site.


So next time you are looking for fishing gear or want to clean out your shed for gear you no longer use, want to sell a boat trailer or even a boat or are in the market for one give them a go or even better check out their site now to see what goodies they have to offer on their site. 

And remember it is totally free.

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