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6/0 double paternoster circle hook

Paternoster Pro fishing rigs double droppers 50lb

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How amazing are these Pateneroster Pro Rigs?


Some people call them dropper rigs, some paternoster rigs others ledger rigs.

The most versatile rig for many different fishing environments. Whether it is from the boat for reef fishing, on the pier, off the rocks of from the bank you are in great hands with our Paternoster Pro rigs.

Now available in eco- friendly packs of 4 from Better Tackle.

High-quality carbon steel hooks and  Berkley Big Game Mono these are Better Tackle's bargain buys.

Made with the same strength and quality you have come to expect from us at Better Tackle.

We select the best gear to make our rigs and when you couple that with the experience and perfected designs of our rig making specialists you get a perfect paternoster rig each and every time.

Why spend 20 mins making a rig when fish are on the chew?

Made by an Australian fishing rig specialist. 




You want these when you are out there on your next fishing trip.
Stocks are limited 
So do not miss out
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