Drunken Crunchy Prawns

By Sherrie Sutcliffe and Joshua Price


These Drunken Crunchy Prawns are easy to make and delight on the pallet.
Start by marinating the peeled prawns you have just caught in quite literally any marinade you like be it honey soy, bbq or my personal favorite vodka and sweet chili sauce.
Sit them in this marinade for about an hour covered in the fridge or cooler to soak up all that flavor goodness.
Fresh peeled prawns
Once they have been soaking in your chosen marinade for an hour add 3 to 4 tablespoons of water to the mix and gently stir and combine it through the prawn and marinade combo.
In a separate dish add about a cup of flour and simply dip the prawns into the flour to get a nice even sticky coat.
Make sure you keep a lot of the marinate on so the flour sticks. And looks chunky. This where you get your crisp and they will not be oily at all.
Place this straight into a ready to go pan to shallow fry.
Drunken Crunchy Prawns
These will come out so crunchy and tasty they will remain even so even when cold and stored in the fridge.
You can do this exact same recipe with chicken or pork and is just as delicious.
Chicken Marinade
Such a simple but amazing recipe you can do at home or even camping and perfect for those little tasty morsels you have freed from your cast net.

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