Online Fishing Competition.

Queensland's first online fishing competition 

Imagine if all year round, every time you were out fishing you had a chance to win big prizes and prove just how good of a fisho you are.

You are already fishing for the fun of it. 

You are already out there knowing how good you are compared to the rest.

How about winning cash all year round just for doing the sport you already love?

Well with ALLSTARS INSALT online fishing comp you can do just that.


Ok, great Better Tackle team that sounds all good but......

 What does this mean?

Well firstly ALLSTARS INSALT is a fishing competition based solely online.

This means it is going on 24/7 365 days a year.

Open to all anglers, you do not need to be a member of any club and is not part of the Australian National Sports Competitions.

This is just for recreational anglers to compete against other anglers in Queensland all year round to show off how good their skills are and win some cash to boot.

ALLSTARS INSALT logo-online-fishing-competition-Queensland

Does this mean whenever I have a day off or I can chuck a sicky (when conditions are mint) I can be not just putting food on my table or trying to beat my best PB, I can be in the running for over $96,000 in prizes?

You bloody bet you can.

(please note that Better Tackle is not authorizing you to chuck a sicky on days when conditions are perfect, this is purely up to the Gods themselves)

Fishing-Shirt-ALLSTARS INSALT-Fishing-competition

What sort of fish are included in the Competition?

There are 18 species of fish you can win prizes from in the competition
Here is the list.
  1. Mackerel (Spanish) & Wahoo
  2. Cobia
  3. Tuna (includes all species of tuna including dogtooth)
  4. Trevally (All species)
  5. Queenfish (All species)
  6. Red Emperor
  7. Red Throat Emperor
  8. Coral Trout (All species)
  9. Nannygai (All species)
  10. Snapper
  11. Fingermark
  12. Mangrove Jack (includes saltwater & impoundment/freshwater)
  13. Barramundi (includes saltwater & impoundment/freshwater)
  14. Salmon (Blue & King Threadfin)
  15. Grunter (Barred & Silver Javelin)
  16. Flathead (All species)
  17. Bream
  18. Whiting (All species except King George)

If you want to know more about the categories and what you need to do to win please follow this link to AllSTAR INSALT (how it works) page. 


What are the Prizes?

Cold hard cash and your name forever etched to brag about to your mates in years to come.

There are monthly prizes of $300 for the longest fish in each category.

A 1 in 18th chance of winning the quarterly prize of $5000 for each of the  longest fish in each category

Last but not least a 1 in 18th chance of the Annual Prize of $10000 for the longest fish in each category.

ALLSTARS INSALT online fishing competition prize details

This means your PB snapper could nab you $15 300 dollars in prizes.

The best thing of all, you are not locked into one category.

Your PB by-catch Cobia could net you a double up in the prize pool chances.

I mean as if you needed more incentive to go fishing but if you did, I can tell you right now here it bloody well is.


 When you include these prizes plus the ability to all year round to compete with not just your mates, but you are competing with every other Recreational fishos that think they are better fishing than you.

Now proving to them just how good you are is easy, plus the cash is a bonus.

Check out how well our gear goes on most of the species you are competing for.  

We are just a small Australian hand made tackle business and while our reviews are off the charts we are still slowly spreading the word on what our tackle can do. So check us out and see what everyone is raving about.

 Red Emperor-fishing-rigs-better-tackle Snapper-rigs-better-tackle-fishing

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 For now, there are only 500 brag mats available so the competition will be fierce. 

Who runs this online competition?

I will let the Family from ALLSTARS INSALT tell you in their own words.

During the Queensland lock down and when COVID-19 was at its peak, 20 year old university student Eliza McGuire had to leave her studies on the Gold Coast and moved in with her 22 year old sister Annaliese McGuire in Mackay; because she too had been stood down from her job as a Dental Nurse.  

They lived together for several months and had plenty of time on their hands to come up with new and exciting ideas of future income as the world around had turned to virtual means of communication.

Very quickly an innovative idea struck them as one of the very few activities that could still be legally undertaken was exercise for health benefits and fishing for food on the table. So, being raised in Gladstone by their keen angler father, and mother who volunteers on the committee of Australia’s biggest family fishing competition, it came to Annaliese and Eliza’s realization that many other families are in the same boat when it comes to being able to still enjoy these activities in lockdown.

They knew what Australia needed and the solution was an online fishing competition called ALLSTARS INSALT.

 ALLSTARS INSALT online fishing competition winner

So what’s the catch?

Any of the 18 species listed above.

Oh you mean how much does it cost and how do you enter?

For this all year round competition the entry is only $200  per year per person and this comes with your ALLSTARS INSALT brag mat you need for photo taking when entering in your catch plus your unique code.

Everything else you want to know is found in the FAQ section here. 


Just jump onto their website and register and get out fishing.

This is the Only Queensland-based all year round online fishing competition and you must catch your fish in Queensland to be able to enter.

Check this is awesome comp out today.

( We are not affiliated with ALLSTARS INSALT. We just love getting behind a great idea)

If you want to get the edge over the competition or just want to see why so many fisho can not stop raving about our award-winning handcrafted gear from Better Tackle. Get on these today.