Why should you buy my Flasher Rigs?

When I chose to start a pre-made flasher rig and fishing rig hobby business, I came in knowing what an over-saturated market fishing gear already was. There is just so much crap to buy it is easy to get lost in the crowd. I did not start doing this to be a millionaire. 

Fishing was my life for years.

Coming from the CQ region in Australia, we grew up estuary fishing in the Fitzroy before we could afford boats to get out and fish The Great Barrier Reef and surrounds.

It is part of our blood. This is not a hobby; it is a passion.

I learned there is so much BS in fishing and so much hype of gear that you could tell quickly which products were fads and which were not.

However, after my accident, I could no longer fish due to my injury. I thought my life was over. Hunting, camping, and fishing were no longer pastimes I could enjoy without a great deal of pain and discomfort. It took all the joy out of doing so.

It didn't stop me though from tinkering around with fishing tackle to make for my friends and family as a past time and hobby.

I had gained a great deal of knowledge from anglers over the years. I wanted to share that information and skills that were hard-earned.

I took all that knowledge and set is aside while I researched and tested what was the best of the best on the market.

trout on flasher rigsFlathead on flasher rigsBlack Jew fish flasher rigsSnapper caught on Flasher rigsred emperor flasher rigs

Starting with....

What is the best leader?

What are the best hooks that are not just durable and sharp, but what is their conversion rate?

How do knots perform not just on breakage strain? Is this knot also resilient to shock absorption?

Do colors matter or is it the contrast of colors that attract fish to a lure or a flasher rig?

The only way to find out was to deep dive into everything I knew about fishing.

Data and knowledge was the key to designing the perfect fishing rig.

I wish I could say I nailed it on the first prototypes,

I wish I could say I nailed it on the 20th

Hell to be very bloody honest, when we launched the Better Tackle online store three years ago I thought we had nailed it.

It was not until early last year I had finally perfected the Better Tackle Rapid Release Flasher Rigs.

That is when people started really noticing not just the conversion rate on our gear but just how well it outperforms anything else they have ever seen on the market.

What exactly makes our Flasher Rigs different and why should you buy them?

Quite simply it is because I listened.

I tweaked the rigs as more data and more feedback came in from my customers.

Even in the early days, they were blown away by the gear. But there was still much that needed to change to make them "the best gear in the business" as many of my customers say.

I was the guy that started the round winding boards to package and wrap rigs in. Now even the biggest names in the business are copying my idea.

Australian fishing rig specialist

Each rig is hand-crafted personally by me.

The design of the flasher hook does not just increase conversion; it keep its shape. Better Tackle Flasher hooks keep their feathers bite after bite, catch after catch.

The knots and placement of each dropper are designed not just to increase hookups, but to be the strongest and most reliant rig on the market.

Each single component,  that makes my flasher rigs amazing is because I have passion and attention to detail.

Barramundi caught on Flasher RigsGummy Shark caught on Flasher RigsTrout caught on Flasher RigsRed Emperor caught on Flasher RIgsSnapper on caught on Flasher rigs

I make perfect fishing rigs that are a work of art.

What is even more impressive is in the three years I have made Better Tackle rigs available to a wider audience, I have never once received a single bad review.

Making rigs is just a hobby for me but it is also about pride in what I do. I do not pump out 100s a day on a factory floor to maximize profit. I only make rigs when I am having a good day and I want to do something with my hands.

This is not some sad sack story wanting to play on your heart strings because I can no longer fish. I love what I do. The only reason you should buy my gear is because it is exactly what everyone says it is.

If you want to buy the best fishing rigs around then you have come to the right place.

The fishing rigs I make are not just bloody awesome. They are spectacular.

Better Tackle is just about making tackle that is better.


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