Targeting Gummy Sharks with the Toffee Apple Flasher Rig

Gummy Sharks and Flasher Rigs

When we ran our competition on naming our newest Rapid Release Flasher Rig Daniel jumped on and by magic named the Toffee Apple. 

The team at Better Tackle knew straight away this was a perfect fit but as we do we collected all the names and had our Facebook followers vote for what they thought was the best name for the rig.

Toffee Apple won hands down so we sent out Daniel a pack of our newly named Rapid Release Toffee Apple Flasher Rigs and this is what he sent back.


"I put them toffee apple rigs to good use yesterday 👌 thought I would have a day chasing gummy off my local town.


In a matter of an hour, I had my bag of gummy and a few other species too. Thanks again mate they work a treat." 

Just like all Better Tackle's hand crafted gear, the Toffee Apple is designed not just to catch most Saltwater species but to also designed for strength. 

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Whether you are out targetting Gummy Sharks or any Saltwater Species we know you are always going to get the best gear avaialbe when you choose our award winning gear.
When we decided to start our small little Hobby Business we had only one view in mind. To design and engineer gear that does not just catch fish, but out performs anything on the market.
We let our customers and real fisho's just like you to decide how good our gear is.

We do not tell you how perfect our designs are and how amazing our gear is.
Every single review, Testimonial and video's of people using our gear is sent in for free by our customers.
They want Australia and the world to know just what Better Tackle is all about.
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