Snapper rigs land based fishing.


Snapper rigs catching this land-based monster

Michael from Fishing Frenzy tried out our Flasher rigs for the first time in this video. Showing what our 5/0 50lb Flasher Rigs can do.


It does not matter if you are fishing from a Jetty or a boat.

From the shore or the rocks. 

Flashers are perfect for most saltwater fishing and your target species will love them.

Catching this monster of snapper so early in the season

and off the Jetty, only on our 50lb gear,

shows you not only do Snapper love our gear but the strength of our rigs in action.


We Specialise in fishing rigs. 

Our leader and knots are all amazing in their quality and consistency.

Our hook selection is not just perfect.

They are durable and sharp and work just as you would expect from such a quality product.

Watch Michael give our 50lb rigs a good solid stress test below.

(There is a bit of language in this vid so please do not play if that offends you)


After experiencing first hand what Better Tackle handles he has come on board as our first sponsored Fisho.

His youtube page is well worth a like and a follow as well as his Instagram.

Not only does he catch stonkers like this one he also shares his knowledge and love of fishing.

Grab yourself a couple of rigs and find out why Michael and the rest of our customers love our gear.



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