Paternoster rigs strength test.

How strong are our knots and hooks?

We could tell you how strong our rigs are.

We could show you the reviews we have on facebook and the gallery of fish caught on our gear.

We think the best way is to show you.

 This Cherry Bomb 5/0 flasher photo was sent in by a customer to show how pleased he was with our hooks after a 15-minute struggle with a meter-long Bull Shark.

The feathers are a bit damaged but the hook is still in prime condition.


Flasher hook after bullshark hook up.

We grabbed a random rig from our stock and tested it on our rig testing machine to show you what you can expect from our rigs each and every time.

We use Berkley Big Game tournament leader which is designed to be slightly weaker than 80lbs.

We know from testing 1 in every 10 rigs we make that we get between 74lb to 76lb before breaking strain on our rigs with 80lb leader. 

We do not want to toot our own horn but this way and beyond the industry standard. 

We made up this testing rig on the cheap so you yourself can copy it and test your own rigs.

The 100% knot strength myth is exactly that a myth and we are very confident when you make up this testing machine and test your own rigs or our competitors you will see why we are better.

There is a reason we are showing this on a paternoster rig which has 5 failure points. 

We want you to know exactly what you are getting from us. The strongest damn rigs you can buy as all your gear is made by hand from an Award-Winning Australian Fishing Rig Specialist.

We do not just make some of the strongest paternoster rigs we make sure they are of a quality you could not make yourself and at a price that is more than fair.

We are fishing rig and knot specialist and this is the quality you get each and every time.


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