Flasher Rig review from Fishing Central QLD

This is an unsponsored review of our Rapid Release Flasher Rigs.


If you know much about Better Tackle and our vision for our little hobby business then you would know that we do not believe in talking up our gear.

That is a salesman's job and to be honest, we do not specialize in sales.

No, we specialize in making fishing tackle.

This young and talented fisho from Fishing Central QLD bought a few of our rigs and then contacted us that he was going to do a review.

We always say the same thing to anyone that contacts us and is interested in reviewing our gear.

Just tell us in your own words what you think.

We have posted about how amazing the quality of the leader we use as we tested everything on the market and selected the best one around

Each and every rig we make, we test.

We use them ourselves and we flog the crap out of them so that when we do release them for sale, we know you are getting the best bloody rigs around.

We are building a reputation for making Better Tackle

We would like to give a big thank you for this review 

Here is Fishing Central QLD  review and please give him a like and follow. He is passionate about fishing and is very down to earth

 Check out our gear today and do us a favor.

Do not keep our Australian owned and made gear your little secret.

Send us in your review, send us in your pictures, tell us what you think of our gear.



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