Flasher Rig Comparison.

Before we were Better Tackle we were called The Right Tackle.

Our first project was to create a testing site for fishing gear and see if it was worth the money they were asking, with a small manufacturing arm called Tackle Obsession.

Originally our rigs were to compete against cheap imported knock offs

After testing almost every pre-made rig on the market we noticed that we could make them stronger, cheaper with perfect action and better quality then not just the knock offs but the well-named brands as well. 

Many years of testing, tweaking, designing and redesigning we launched Better Tackle with our premium gear.

Below is a throwback video from early in 2017 showing the ease of undoing our rigs to what was currently available.

It is no wonder others are now copying our Rapid Release Rig winding boards for their products.

Check out our complete range.

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