Fishing licence in Australia

Do you need a fishing licence in Australia?

(This list has been updated as of 12/30/2020)

Fishing licenses in Australia vary from state to state and as a recreational fisho it is your job to make sure you are up to date with your licence according to the state you are fishing in.
If you are planning to fish anywhere in Australia or are planning a trip around OZ, we have compiled a complete list of fishing licences needed.
If you have already grabbed all your fishing gear from us and now want to make sure you do not break the law here is the complete list.
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All links are to the appropriate state government websites to give you even more detailed information.

 No fishing licence needed in the following states:

 South Australia 

Australian Capital Territory 

Northern Territory

    Every other state you will either need a fishing license to fish in selected areas or the entire state.


    Recreational anglers do not require a licence in Queensland unless you are fishing in stocked compounds.
    There are a total of 63 stocked impoundments in Queensland. For full details check this link out.
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    New South Wales

    A recreational fishing fee or fishing licence is required in New South Wales.
    However, if you are a pensioner or a concession cardholder, they offer discounts for you.
    To get the full information on where to buy a fishing licence and whether or not you are exempt or can avail a discount, follow this link.
    For a list of rules and regulations regarding freshwater and saltwater angling check out their rules and regulations page.
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    If you are a concession card holder over the age of 70 or under that age of 18 then you do not require a fishing licence in Victoria.
    If you are none of the above, then you will require a recreational fishing licence similar to New South Wales.
    Follow this link to find out more.
    There is also a recreational fishing guide available from the Victorian government. Also available in hard copy.
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    You do not need a fishing licence in Tasmania if you are just fishing with a standard rod and line.
    But if you are interested in any of the following:

    Set line
    Rock Lobster pot
    Rock Lobster Dive
    Rock Lobster Ring
    Graball Net
    Mullet Net
    Beach Seiene net

      Then follow this link to check details on what licences you need.

      Western Australia

      If you plan on doing any of the following in W.A.:

      Rock Lobster
      Freshwater Angling
      Net fishing

       Then check out this link on how to get your licenses. 
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