Cherry Bomb Rapid Release Flasher Rigs

What are Cherry Bombs?

The Cherry Bomb Flasher is part of our Rapid Release Flasher Rig collection.

Because flashers are the perfect combination of both lure and bait fishing, having a range of colors to entice your target species is equally just important when heading out for a session.

Depending on how deep you are fishing or what your target species has been snacking on will make the colour selection effectiveness a significant part of choosing the right Rapid Release Flasher Rig for your fishing adventures.

Below is a video one of our customers Peter made up after using the Cherry Bomb which is part of our Flasher Rig Colour selections 

He was impressed enough to tell us just what he thought.
He sent in the video as a testimonial on  just how effective choosing the right colour selection is but the quality and attention to detail we take on making every single rig.
You can find this rig here along with a selection of other Rapid Release Flasher Rigs that have been allowing our customers to catch amazing PB's and bagging out quickly since we started making Better Tackle.

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