Australian Made Fishing Tackle

Australian made Fishing tackle is some of the best in the world.

You know its true just you do not know where to find it.

That is the only problem with Australian made and owned fishing tackle manufacturers.

Most of us are one man/woman bands with a passion for fishing and a knowledge many wish they had.

We have all done it, seen it and thought omg, they charge how much for this crap.

"I know I can do better."

All of us little backyard hobby businesses are doing exactly that. 

Flathead caught on Australian Fishing Tackle

We are giving you the best quality you can get in fishing tackle. Making it all by hand and putting that knowledge and skill we have into the gear we craft.

The beauty of buying directly from locally made and owned Australian businesses is this hard earned cash you are spending stays right here in Australia.

It allows us to make more ranges and better gear.

It allows us to expand and employee people and help our home grown industries thrive.

The truth of the matter is most of us could never make enough stock to enter into the large chain tackle stores.

Partly because the wholesale price on our gear means we would be working for free, but mostly because its impossible to  keep up with the quality on mass produced gear. 

For tackle stores chains to make their profit on it as a re-seller would be just to much for you to rebuy without us making any money at all to live on.

Having a livable wage in Australia is why Australian made products tend to cost more then cheaply manufactured overseas products.  A lot of companies over the years have taken their production out of Australia to cut costs and increase profits.

Local Australian businesses though, most of us get into what we do not for profit but because we knew we could make a better product, that would last longer, and catch more fish.

Australian made fishing tackle snapper

That is really what you want when you buy anything these days.

You want it Australian made and owned but you also want the best bang for your buck.

With my rigs there is nothing around that compares to the quality I craft for the price sell it at.

You are always literally getting Better Tackle each and every time you buy my gear.

Red Throat caught in Australian made fishing tackle

Better Tackle was not some cool marketing name some people in a room came up with. 

It is my promise to you, each and every time.

But I am not the only Australian manufacturer out there making the goods that are getting smashed by our favorite finned species.

If you are looking for more great Australian made and owned fishing tackle there are 2 a great Facebook groups called Australian made fishing tackle. and Aussie made fishing tackle buy Australian made

Click the links  and start supporting a great and thriving and amazing home grown industry.

Australian made fishing tackle Facebook group link

Aussie made fishing tackle buy Australian made Facebook link


Not only are you supporting locals you are getting gear designed for our fish and our conditions.

Not some foreign made crap designed for theirs.


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