What makes a perfect snapper rig?

What makes a perfect Snapper Rig?

When making a fishing rig, whether it is a snapper rig, a whiting rig or any terminal tackle, design is the essential component.

You need something that not only increases your conversion rate when you are out on the water but also a fishing rig that is value for money.
Heading down to any tackle store you can almost get lost in the mountains of gear that is on view but how much of that gear is designed to catch fish and not the fisherman?
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Snapper on snapper rigs
Depending on the depth you are aiming for and the season you really need to consider a rig that is all encompassing and will last an entire session. Last thing you want is when the fish are on the chew is screwing around having to make a rig or trying to unwind a pre-made one that takes longer to undo then making one yourself.

That is why design and attention to detail is important.

Being avid fishos ourselves we started first with the perfect rig and then adapted our packaging and Rapid Release Winding Boards to have you rig up and be out catching fish in under 2 minutes.
We want you to be able to get back onto that arm pumping session you are having and come back either bagged out or so exhausted you have to have a week off from fishing just to recover.
Rapid Release Flasher Rigs

So what does make a Snapper rig prefect?

Starting first with the leader. 

You can not stuff around with anything that is not a quality product when designing a rig and after extensive testing both in and out of the water we were so impressed with Berkley Big Game leader we knew it was the product for us.

The memory, abrasion resistance and shock absorption of their leader is just outstanding.

To go with a perfect leader you need a high preforming swivel 

Too often fishos go for the wrong size or shape swivel.

You have to consider how much bend will happen in the eye of the swivel regardless of the load it can take.

As the swivel stretches the eye's become narrower which can start to cut into your leader if you hook up to a shark or a massive fish a bust off can ruin your day.

Catching a monster on gear not designed for them is a great story and a fantastic experience. We had this in mind while designing our gear.

A larger chunkier swivel but with exceptional movement that is well over the leaders weight limit is what you want for yourself if you are making your own fishing rigs.

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Mulloway on Flasher Rigs

What are the best snapper hooks?

We personally have tested every single hook on the market and when selecting a hook we do not just test the strength of the hook. We make careful consideration to it's bending and breaking rate but also its over all design for conversion rate

We do not like hooks that break as you lose your catch.

What you want is a hook that will keep its prey even if it bends out because you have caught a fish well over the hooks size, then you will use your skill to wind in that monster.

This is why you have to know your gear, know what it is capable of and only select premium quality hooks.

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Snapper fishing, what is the best snapper rigs

We would suggest sticking to the top brands on the market like we do but consider things like the wire thickness.

The thicker the wire the less bites and the less conversion rate, the thinner the wire the more bites and a higher conversion rate. 

We have selected a medium wire re-curve circle hook that nails the corner of the jaw every single time but is so sharp its almost more of a fight to get the bloody thing out of the fish.

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If you are looking to hook onto to heavier prey or know the by-catch rate is a larger species in your targeted area a stronger larger gauge hook is perfect for that

For our 9/0 Flasher Rigs we have chosen a heavy gauge hook. While it might be thicker we have carefully selected a hook that nails the corner jaw each and every time.

So why choose Flasher Hooks?

Every single fisho knows when the fish are on the chew you could throw a banana on a hook and land a great session.

When they are not in a feeding frenzy you still want to hook up and not waste a session. You need something that is going to attract the laziest reds and pinkies that might be a bit bait shy.

Flasher Hooks that are perfectly shaped with a 2 tone color contrast mimic bait fish will,(if designed perfectly by shape and by color), attract most finned species over to your bait to have a look. 

Snapper flasher hooks

The natural movement in the current does a lot of that work for you.

Better Tackle Flasher Hooks are designed on even a larger scale.

Our lumo eye beads mimic eye shine and the wire that holds our flasher in its shape reflect off its surface.

It is also shinny which makes it irresistible to most saltwater species including Snapper.

Every single person that has used our flasher hooks is blown away, not just by the conversion rate but also how long our flashers last. 

Toffee Apple Flasher Hook

They soon realize the wire also allows them to quickly pull out their pliers and give it a quick squeeze if the Flasher Hook is damaged by taking it out of a fish.

This durability and easy repair makes it ready to go straight back out to catch another one.

Every single design and choice we have made for our rigs is not just to catch fish. but to make fishing more awesome.

Because of the way we have designed and tested our flasher hooks it is usually gulped down and going like a freight train leaving you have to rely on the strength of your rig to handle the bloody thing.

This is where knots and a well designed fishing rig pays for itself

You have to consider the length of your first dropper from the swivel that does not just help increase your hookups but also allows you to get a hold of your rig when pulling in your catch.

The dropper length has to be precise to make the best use of the current that makes the flashers move. Also they need to be far enough apart so the flashers do not tangle from either the current or the drop.

Depending on the size of the rig and hooks, you need to decide not just how long each component should be but also what are the best knots to use.

If you are making your own rigs, the truth of the matter is you should be making the knot you know how to make flawlessly.

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Snapper rigs and how to catch snapper 

Not everyone is a knot and fishing rig specialist like ourselves.

Because of our expertise we have chosen knots that are not just unbelievable in their strength but also can handle the shock of being swallowed whole by a fish that launches itself to the nearest hidey hole it can.

Because we make 100s or rigs a week we know our knots.

As much as we would like to share with you what knots we use, that would be giving our competition our secrets.

There is a reason why people that have used our gear rave about it being the toughest and most exceptional gear they have ever used.

We do not pump out large quantities of gear. We carefully handcraft each rig and every single piece of terminal tackle with attention to detail and experience that few can match.

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How to catch snapper

To make the best Snapper rig you have to start first with the best tackle. 

That is why everyone can not get enough of Better Tackle.

We are your fishing rig specialists 

Get our gear into your hands and join the Better Tackle revolution.

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