What are Flasher Rigs?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a flasher rig or snapper rig?

Are they just for snapper?

Are they like a lure?

Do you need bait with them?

The most accurate way to describe a flasher rig is, simply, the best of both worlds combining lure and bait fishing. Lures work by utilizing color, shape, and movement that attracts fish to bite them. Bait, on the other hand, attract fish by smell and enticing them to their favorite snack.

Snapper rig better tackle

The same happens with flasher hooks. They move with the current to mimic baitfish and the color spectrum.

 Better Tackles flasher rigs are designed to mimic the hatch coloring your target species is currently feeding on.

But unlike a lure, adding bait throws in a whole new level of sensory overload to your fishing. On top of color, movement, and shape, the smell of bait attracts fish to your rig swallowing your hook and fighting into your waiting net for your next PB.

Flasher Rigs Trout

Originally designed for reef fishing, flasher rigs are not a new concept. Around 50 years ago, some experienced fisho’s used to make a similar style of hooks called wog heads or wogs (it was a different time, before political correctness) and were used to target reef fish and mackerel.

These days we know that they work in almost all saltwater conditions and not just for snapper or reef fish. While you can catch pelagic fish like tuna and mackerel on them, we also have other styles of fishing rigs to target these species.


We have personally tested flasher rigs from the beach, the rocks, jetties, estuaries, and reefs and we guarantee these rigs will increase your hook-ups compared to just bait alone. 

Use them just like you would a normal bait rig. You can use these flasher rigs for any style of fishing you would normally use for bait.

Just like lure fishing, matching the hatch your target species currently feeds on is important.

Through testing, we found that two contrasting colors work best but keep in mind how deep and dirty the water you are fishing in as many colors will fade the deeper you drop.

Flasher Rigs 3/0-Better Tackle-online store

Most flasher rigs are found in paternoster or dropper rigs but we have found they work just as well on most fishing rig set-ups and will be bringing out more ranges to reflect this.

 We were originally going to call ourselves Lazy Man Lures before deciding on Better Tackle as we specialize in pre-made flasher rigs. We also branched out into other specialties of fishing rigs and gear.

We are the original Rapid Release Rig winding board innovators that many competitors now use to wind on their rigs.

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