Flasher Rigs by Better Tackle


To make our flasher rigs we first started with the best tackle.

That is how we make Better Tackle.

When we went looking for pre-made flashers and rigs the first thing we noticed, the rigs on offer were over-priced and take longer to unravel then if we had spent the time making them ourselves. We spent a year or two not only fabricating the perfect flasher hook but also what colors worked best for the fish we were targeting and how to have the rigs release quickly.

The Rapid Release Rigs start with a high-quality swivel, approximately 40cms down to the first dropper loop.

The next dropper loop is approximately 45cms from the first followed by 80cms length left for you to attach your sinker.

A great deal of time went into testing hooks for strength and durability before we decided on the ones that we loved with the flasher hooks.
Though their pricing was a little steep for us, we decided to fixate on quality for you, our customer, instead of sourcing out cheaper alternatives which were not as good.

We had to work out a better way for these rigs to be winded on to boards as we wanted them to come apart quickly and easily for when the fish are on.  After much searching and discovering what was happening internationally on different scenes we realized that the fly tying winding boards would be perfect for the Rapid Release we wanted.


The design of the Flasher Hooks was all about durability.

Our Flashers keep the shape that is needed to lure the fish in after many bites and catches and still keeping the feathers intact to entice more fish to your bait and into your boat.

Eco-friendly packaging

 Compact professional-looking packaging was important for us early on.
We are one of the very few fishing manufactures that do not just take into account waste, but also size, so as to not clutter up your tackle storage.

What you see today is many years of research and trial and error to bring you these ready-made rigs and flasher hooks that are very durable and of the highest quality for you to enjoy your fishing. The ease of which to purchase, store in your tackle box and then use when needed in a hurry was important to us, as this is something we wanted as well.

Please feel free to check out all our products and our catalog and we have not stopped there. We have a number of different rigs and other products we will be releasing over the next few years but all are still in the research phase as we when decide to manufacture and sell, it is only after it is something we ourselves would be impressed enough to buy.

Purchase them here

With Better Tackles Rapid Release Rigs all you need is your rod, reel and brag mat

Fishing just got better.



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