Frequently asked questions about our fishing rigs and tackle

How to catch Snapper on Snapper rigs-Photo W. Lawrence

What makes a perfect snapper rig?

When making a fishing rig, whether it is a perfect snapper rig, whiting rig or any terminal tackle, design is the essential component. You need something that not only increases your conversion rate when you are out on the water but also a fishing rig that is value for money.

A close up look of making a flasher rig and the finishing touches

This is just a little vid I did showing an up-close look of the Flasher Rigs I make by hand and putting on some of the finishing touches.
What are Flasher Rigs? - Better Tackle

What are Flasher Rigs?

Ever wondered what exactly is a flasher rig, flasha rig or snapper rig is?

Are they just for snapper?

Are they like a lure?

Do you need bait with them?


Flasher Rigs by Better Tackle - Better Tackle

Flasher Rigs by Better Tackle

To make our Flasher Rigs and fishing rigs.

We started with the best Tackle. The best hooks and the best leader.

That is how we make Better Tackle.