Better Tackle Team


Since our first day in business, the Better Tackle Team have been hand-crafting the best selection of fishing tackle to make our gear.

Our name has become synonymous with quality.

 Doing our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with testing and quality assurance so that your fishing needs come well under budget.

We realized after years of making our own rigs, late at night and on the boat, that there has to be a better way; not just to have a rig ready to go to lure fish in but also a better way to have them easy to undo when the fish are on the bite.

We do not just make the rigs we sell, we use them and stand by them.

From vigorous testing to assure the hook quality and line strength while sourcing the best possible components to make our rigs, we know we give you the best bang for your buck. We figure out in the field what the best contrasting colors to entice your next personal best.

Our poppers have been designed and tested for over two years before we even considered putting them through nightmarish conditions for testing and only when they passed have we brought them out ready to be purchased.

We work our hardest to give you better tackle.
​You will not find a better premium pre-made rig at a better price
All our rigs feature the Rapid Rig Release system because when the fish are on you want to be on.
So sit back and relax. Just bring your rod and reel and fill up your tackle box with our rigs.

Fishing just got better.


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