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Not just an online tackle store 

After an accident left our Australian Fishing Rig Specialist unable to enjoy the hobby and passion he loved.  To keep up with this passion I started creating flasher hooks and snapper rigs for something to do for my mates and family.

Hand-crafting and perfecting rigs soon everyone raved about the gear. Better Tackle and our online store was born.

We never wanted to just make fishing tackle.

Not for profit but purely as a hobby to showcase what pre-made fishing rigs should be.

I redesigned fishing rigs and engineered them to make sure it will be the toughest gear around.

The model and brand is just to nail every rig so when you see Better Tackle you know that is exactly what you are getting each and every time.

Through this focus on quality has grown through word of mouth and that is probably why you are visiting today.

Because each rig is a hand-crafted work of art I can only make so much gear so when we are out of stock, we are just out of stock until I am able to make more.

Our flasher rigs

One thing I really wanted to do is let the gear we design and craft speak for itself. 

The conversion rate is something you can only experience to be believed.

The Rapid Release Flasher rigs are designed to catch fish and not fisherman.

So much gear on the market looks amazing.

But when we were testing them out we saw that while they look amazing and entice you the Fisho to buy, they did not actually work the same way.

The gear  was not exciting for fish to come along and gulp them down.

Over many years I slowly tweaked, slowly redesigned the Flasher Hooks so that when you are using them they increase your catch rate.

Making it almost impossible for fish to not come over and see what is on offer.

  They are exactly the right color, shape and design they are gulped down with gusto.

Along with increasing your bite rate they are so bloody tough you can use them over and over again during a session.

Many are now copying my ideas to attach small bait fish eyes on their own flasher hook designs but ours mimic eye shine which is why they work so well.

The wire that used to attach the flasher was not an accident.

Too many times we saw flasher hooks bet smashed and be unusable after just one catch. 

Our Flasher Hooks

Designing a Flasher Hook that can survive a decent arm pumping session and still be good to be used for the next one was a challenge, but we nailed it.

Knowing that every fisho has a pair of pliers ready to be used was a core reason to use a wire for the tying. The hooks we use are so sharp and so bloody strong that the only time our flasher got damaged was when you are getting them out of the fish you have just caught.

By using this wire you can now quickly give the flasher a bit of a squeeze to put it back into shape. Casting them out again to pull in your next catch without needing to replace your hook or rig.

As an added bonus we discovered that the shiny tying wire attracted more fish to our flasher hooks then other types of Flasher Hooks we were testing along side ours.

Attention to detail is what we do. It is not just about designing rigs and gear that works. It is all about making sure each decision and rig is practical for multiple uses as well as being bloody awesome for fishing.

This is what makes Better Tackle.


You will not find a more loved more well designed Flasher Hook then the ones we have designed.

We do not just make the rigs we sell, we use them and stand by them.

Rapid Release Winding Boards


After years of making our own rigs, late at night and on the boat, that there has to be a better way.

Not just to have a rig ready to go to lure fish in but also a better way to have them easy to undo when the fish are on the bite.

Working out a better way to package and an easier way to undo a pre-made rig was very important and we innovated the way rigs are packaged.Being the first to use round winding boards as a small little Australian business we were soon copied by the bigger more established brands.

Eco-friendly packaging

Right from the very start of making Better Tackle our vision included being environmentally responsible as a manufacturer. To date we are the only fishing rig manufacturer that uses Eco-friendly packaging for all our range.

While this might cost more at no point is this cost reflected on our products. This is a personal choice to help reduce the plastic waste in Australia.

We care not just about fishing but the state we leave our country and oceans for future generations. Your kids and our kids and their kids should enjoy the same amazing fishing we have to offer in Australia and using an environmentally packaging for Better Tackle is was the only choice we ever had.

There is nothing better than Better Tackle

From vigorous testing to assure the hook quality and line strength while sourcing the best possible components to make our rigs, we know we give you the best bang for your buck. We figure out in the field what the best contrasting colors to entice your next personal best.


We work our hardest to give you better tackle.
​You will not find a better premium pre-made rig at a better price
All our rigs feature the Rapid Rig Release system because when the fish are on you want to be on.
So sit back and relax. Just bring your rod and reel and fill up your tackle box with our rigs.

Fishing just got better.

Thank you for supporting a little hobby business to keep me in the sport that I love.


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