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Winner of the Best precision fishing rig award 2020

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I wanted to create truly premium pre-made tackle that has no equal.

My gear is 100% Australian owned and made.

Recently I was featured in Fish n Boat magazine and last year I won the best precision fishing rig award for 2020.

Engineered to perfection each single rig I make by hand is a work of art.

My gear does not just attract fish to your bait, it is made tough and resilient to get your moneys worth.

My rapid release rigs means you can have them baited up and out in the water attracting fish in under 2 minute's.

The lumo bead eyes mimic eye shine of saltwater fish and the Flasher hooks are designed to be repaired.

I use knots that are designed to give you 100% knot strength as well as shock absorption.

The hooks I select are perfect and the conversion rate blows people away

If you want a truly perfect rig then you will never find anything better.

Only 10 dollars postage and handling to anywhere in Australia.

If this is your first time using my gear than strap yourself in as there is a reason everyone says I am the best in the business.

Once you use my gear you are hooked.

Tight lines.


Thank you everyone for the last 5 years of support to my little hobby business.

It has been an amazing ride but like all good things I am exiting while on top.

If many of you follow me you would know I started this to keep my mind and hands busy after an accident and that it did.

But as the years have gone on I am finding myself unable to keep up with orders or even stock on the store so it is with a heavy bag of regret this is my last batch.

I wish it was not the case, and while the reviews have been non stop amazing over the years I have to listen to my body.

Tight lines, bent rods and thank you Better Tackle crew.

Better Tackle Red Emperor fishing rigs
Fishing rigs for Trout.
Stronger fishing knots catch more fish

Want to know more about our fishing gear

Are you new to flasher rigs?

Not sure what colors work best?

Do you want to get in touch with me?

I only make premium pre-made rigs and I only sell what I make.

(Only 9 dollar shipping anywhere in Australia with free shipping options)

Reviews from people who have bought my gear

The unique design gives this flasher the perfect shape, flash and silhouette to attract finned predators while still keeping its shape fish after fish - they are perfect for a range of species including coral trout, red emperor and nannygai.

Fishing Monthly Magazine

 I used them let me tell you their a must in every fisherman tackle box. It will change your fishing experience and their easy to use.
Thanks Better Tackle

Joe I.

They are awesome, I have even tried a straight paternoster rig at the same time as using your Flashas and don’t get anywhere near the bites or fish

Justin L.

 Amazing they look beautiful & the quality is the best I have seen got a shipment yesterday can't wait to get out there & use them thanks

Spiro T.

Like snapper snatchers but better. Also roll them back on to the foam disc.

Paul B

First drop in Fern Country on Sunday yielded a double and single hook up within the first 25 seconds. First time user and can highly recommend them

Allan H.

Quality made rigs in a compact easy to store package that turn around some big fish.

Tony P.

Bought a few weeks ago and finally got to use them last weekend.
Hands down the best rigs I have ever used. Simple to unravel and the fish loved them. 

Paul R.

Local small business makes top quality products.

Graeme H., Angling Down Under

Four years of Better Tackle in 40 seconds.

Our range of Fishing tackle

I set out to design perfect fishing rigs.

Attention to detail and quality gear is what I am known for.

Everyone loves Better Tackle. Get on them today.

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Everybody loves Better Tackle